thoughts for thursday.

1. Today I woke up to banana bread fresh baked from my roommate. Banana bread + coffee + devotionals meant a great start to the day.

2. I tried to come up with something creative for the title. No inspiration.

3. It’s a small world: one of the missionaries here met three girls from Stanford in Antigua this weekend! Turns out they’re working with Paul Wise, my professor for Global Public Health last year just a few hours away from Antigua. They go to Guatemala for 2 weeks to write a paper on a topic in health and get paid $1000. I need to look into this.

4. On Tuesday I looked at my calendar and told my roommate that “Bayard Church” (pronounced in my semi-spanish accent) was coming in two weeks. She looked at me funny and said “Do you mean Ballard?” Woops. So much for speaking English.

5. Then Wednesday the girls here asked me to say happy birthday in German. I automatically started saying “feliz cumple” … and then quickly stopped myself when they started giggling. “Alles Gute zum Geburtstag.” There go my hopes of falling back on my second language.

6. To complete the circle, my Spanish failed me as well this week. This morning I worked on some documents for the micro-finance project. I was trying to explain the woman’s income per day, yet instead of writing “por dia” (spanish) I included “pro dia” (german) over and over again. Struggling my way through three languages.

7. On a different note, today I finalized micro-finance proposals for two women! We want to help them start their own businesses selling food. Stay tuned for more updates about them.

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August 15, 2013 · 10:01 am

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